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luxuriant adj
1 marked by complexity and richness of detail; "an elaborate lace pattern" [syn: elaborate]
2 produced or growing in extreme abundance; "their riotous blooming" [syn: exuberant, lush, profuse, riotous]

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  1. Abundant in growth or detail.




  • IPA: /ʁjɑ̃/
  • SAMPA: /


luxuriant m (luxuriante f)
  1. luxuriant

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Luxury can refer to several things:
  • Luxury good, an economic good for which demand increases more than proportionally as income rises; contrast with inferior good and normal good.
  • Luxury tax, a tax on products not considered essential, such as expensive cars
  • Luxury tax (sports), a surcharge put on the aggregate payroll of a sports team to the extent to which it exceeds a predetermined guideline level set by the league
  • Luxury vehicle, a relatively expensive automobile
  • Luxury yacht, a very expensive privately owned yacht which is professionally crewed
  • Luxury real estate, a niche real estate market dealing with the highest economic group of property buyers
  • Luxury resorts, which are very exclusive vacation facilities
  • Luxury box, a term for a special seating section in arenas, stadiums and other sports venues
  • Luxury magazine, a magazine devoted to fine craft and luxury goods.
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